Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spiderman!


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Hey, it’s Spidey here, I just wanted to say how flattering it is to see all these new me fanatics ūüėČ


I hope you all enjoyed the new film Spiderman Homecoming!


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I understand San Diego recently had Comic Con come to town


and although there were many mini-mes I recognized many of my mini avenger buddies!

Maybe you haven’t heard but I will be in one of the biggest fights of my life along side The Avengers, The Guardians of The Galaxy, Dr. Strange and some stragglers soon. Comic Con covered it all and released a play by play!


Infinity war
Image: Marvel/Ryan Meinerding: Avengers: Infinity War





‚ÄúCut to Queens and the hairs on the arm of a young Peter Parker stand up on end.‚ÄĚ

I guess some could say I’m¬†nervous…


It’s absolutely¬†wild to see how much of a mark I’ve made, yet again.

Heres what the New York Times have to say about all this Spidey mania:

‚ÄúHere, Spidey is eager to do a billionaire‚Äôs bidding, partly because he‚Äôs being readied to join the Avengers. The question is when Spidey really grows up, who will he fight for and why?‚ÄĚ

Good question NYTs, guess we’ll just have to see am I right? And I’m¬†not there to do his bidding! Just around to save the world and help my Avenger friends.

Keep checking in guys! Oh and don’t¬†forget to find me on social media!


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