Grade 12 University level English; a requirement for entry into all university programs?

In order to get into University what are some of the precautions that need to be taken?

– Adequate grades in all required courses.

– Meeting exterior requirements.

– Often enough unique and well written entry essays.

So what makes one think that grade 12 english should not be a requirement when it really should be?

In order to be taken seriously by many universities that often have competative placements in their courses, having an above average mark in english would make the selection of candidates just slightly easier.

The quality of a well written essay would also play in the candidates favour and those who may not have had the chance to be in a grade 12 university level english may struggle to receive acceptance from the school of their choice.

The fundemental skills that a grade 12 university level english teaches you is applicable to many aspects in life. Of course the basics reside in communication such as speaking and expressing one’s self as well as writting. Yet this academic class also teaches skills in note taking for other classes and a sence of independence in yourself since you often need to indicate what information is most important for your notes and futur studying.

Grade 12 english is where you are groomed for the futur and it is understandable why it remains a requirement for so many universities. But who’s to say that these rules may change? What do those who read this blog have to say of the matter?




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